The Three Zodiacs & The Great Year

The search began, as more than a few do, with the Dark Star Goddess Marinas piece on Regulus and its recent entry into Virgo… Tropical Virgo, that is. “It is speculated that Regulus crossing this symbolic sphinx cusp (between Leo and Virgo) might herald the age of Aquarius.” Marina goes on to give extensive and immeasurable fruits from her laborious research catalyzing a research project of my own.

Regulus is one of four regal fixed stars in the constellational zodiac, and he stationed on the anaretic degree of tropical Leo from roughly 1940 to 2012 AD. The 29th degree is quite a karmic kaboom of balsamic energies… and during this 72 year period, we planet earthlings witnessed arguably the most radical transformation in “history.”

Needless to say that fixed stars are indeed fixed… in one sense… but in relation to the Tropical Zodiac, they rotate counterclockwise 1 degree every 72 years (More on 72 years and the number 72 later…). It is at this point on this journey of deduction that I became confused… and consumed. I’ll explain after necessary foreshadowing.

I confirmed recently that the Aries Point (AP) of the Sidereal Zodiac is calculated according to two constellational and not-so-constellational points, Spica and Galactic Center, as well as the Nakshatra (27 Lunar Mansions) Mula that is calculated according to Galactic Center.

While the Tropical Zodiac is earth and tangible-Sun-centered, the Sidereal Zodiac is Star and transcendent-Sun-centered. The GC is said to be the Cosmic Sun of the Star we know as the Sun of our solar system. So while the Tropical Zodiac and Tropical Astrology seems to be ego centered, the Sidereal Zodiac and system of astrology seems to be Soul centered. Both are relevant, both are useful, both are relative truths.

So… lets elucidate on the ensuing confusion. If the 0 degrees Aries is determined according to the fixed star, Spica, in Virgo, and the GC in Sagittarius, then the distance between both AP’s should have increased by 1 degree at the end of 2011. Why was there not a big announcement? Why did I not get this memo?

The Ayanamsa is the difference between the tropical and sidereal year, as well as the longitudinal difference between the tropical and sidereal zodiac. It is said to be roughly 24 degrees at this moment in time and accounts for the precession of the equinoxes… known as the Great Year: One inhalation and exhalation of Brahma.

Approximately 26,000 (72 x 360 = 25,920), this Great Year is nothing new to our predecessors. Hindus break this cycle in to four Yugas: satya, treta, dwarpara and kali yugas… while the Greeks knew it as the four Ages of Man: golden, silver, bronze and iron.

If the Sidereal Zodiac is calculated according to fixed stars, and therefore the AP is determined by a fixed point in the Tropical Zodiac, then if that fixed point has moved one degree counterclockwise, along with all the other fixed points, the AP of the Sidereal Zodiac has also moved one degree counterclockwise in relation to the 0 degrees Tropical Aries. Thus, 24 degrees becomes 25.

Would then, the alignment of 0 degrees Tropical Aries and 0 degrees Sidereal Aries not be a really big deal? Would it not coincide with a major historical event or transitional period? Would it not herald an entirely new phase in “history?” Say, the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ, a new calendar (12 month, formerly 13 month), and the whole BC/AD thing?

Calculate 72 years times 25 degrees and we get 1,800 years. Lets try 28 x 72 and we get 2016 years… interesting right? So we know that roughly around the time of Christ and the new Christ era, the two Zodiacs aligned, 0 degrees conjunct 0 degrees, thus a whole new phase, a new cycle.

So, it’s a really simple, and possibly stupid question, but why hasn’t the astrological community been alerted to this new AP angle/ratio? I imagine it would be much like daylight savings time, with everyone adjusting their clocks and calculations accordingly. This journey down the rabbit hole has validated the reality that the Ayanamsa is indeed a relative and temporary degree of difference… “The ayanamsa is mostly assumed to be close to 24° today, according to N. C. Lahiri 23.85° as of 2000,” and it moves anywhere from 24″ to 50″ per year.

According to “The Holy Science,” the work of Shrii Shrii Yukteswar (Guru of Shrii Paramahamsa Yogananda) “…the precession was 20-54-36 as on the vernal equinox of the year 1893AD,” and He gives a rather unconventional and unpopular Ayanamsa. While his Calculations might not be popular, my bias argues that he is one of very few Primary Sources, a direct line to “God,” and therefore I feel inclined to lean towards his thinking. Tomaeto, Tomahto.

Now we arrive at a relatively recent research study of mine, harmonics, and the primary purpose of this blog. We are allegedly in the darkest (A dominant school of thought) versus ascending from the darkest era. A question for everyone: If roughly 2000 years ago marked the darkest time on earth, and this roughly coincided with the union of the two zodiacs at 0 degrees, then would the opposition of this two AP’s mark the golden age? Its a symbolic Full Moon or Full, or illumination phase. The brightest of times during the cycle of night.

It is safe to say that the rotational relationship between these two zodiacs is the mathematical key/correlate to… well… everything. But it starts with understanding the cycles. Cycles within cycles. Creation, destruction. Spirit to Matter, Matter to Spirit. The universe is always hinting, can you hear it?


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